Solemn's Swear

“When every move you make is history…”

(Coming in 2018 – script development)

Feature Films

The 6th Degree

“When the truth you seek is seeking you…”

(Coming in 2016 – post-production)

Feature Films

This is Now

“Second Act. Second Chance.”

(Coming in 2016 – post-production)

Feature Films

So Completely Ugly

“What happens when Holly-would…does.”

(Now available on

a novel by Quarkscrew Jones

Wine & Whimsy

“What do you do when love’s on the vines..?”

(Currently shooting)

Feature Films

Pacific Standard - The Feature

“Because true love is never black and white.”

(Coming in 2017 – pre-production)

Feature Films


THIS IS NOW (2016)

When a former Hollywood star returns to his hometown to direct a community theater play, he must confront the demons of his past, reclaim a lost love and regain the trust of the best friend he never knew he had.  Starring  Markus Redmond, Nadia Bjorlin, Alicia Minshew, Amir Talai, Dru Mouser, Luis Moncada, Katie L. Hall, and Paul Witten.


A perky cashier, a suicidal celebrity, a best friend, an estranged wife, an angry neighbor and a missing man who they are all connected to through a web of secrets that could destroy them all. Starring Markus Redmond, Fadik Atasoy, Amanda Kaschak, Jessica Morris, James Gilbert and special guest, Mackenzie Astin.

WINE & WHIMSY (2017)

Over the course of several dinners and several more bottles of wine, a married couple determines whether or not they should remain together. Sponsored by Panero Brothers Wine of California. Starring Markus Redmond, Anya Monzikova, Jessica Morris, Amanda Kaschak, Dru Mouser, Larry Poindexter and more. Watch the trailer below!


Sexy fashion designer Carla Porter and disillusioned screenwriter Nolan Johnson use their experience to charm their way through the hot, younger dating pool of sultry Venice Beach… until an unlikely blind date forces them to reevaluate their pursuit of love.