Quarkscrew Media, LLC is a Los Angeles-based production company that develops, produces and packages medium-to-low-budget films. At QML, story and talent come first, as we love film and enable exceptional filmmakers by working closely with them to create & produce intelligent yet entertaining filmed content.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to point for young and established talent in today’s fast-changing media world and our 2016 projects include the feature films This is Now, The 6th Degree, Wine & Whimsy, Pacific Standard, and Flower Child, (screenplay available, 50% of finance in place). We are also developing the script for the feature, Solemn’s Swear, as well as two television pilots, including the daytime talk show concept, Nobody’s Fools, and the female-driven scripted dramedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

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Vernita Irvin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vernita Irvin is the Chief Executive Officer of QML, the diversified media company she founded in 2007 after completing an internship with independent film director, John Sayles and his producer, Maggie Renzi. The mission for QML is to write, produce and distribute world-class filmed and printed entertainment. As CEO, Vernita determines and administrates the critical concepts of the corporation: to generate enduring adventures by delivering diverse and exceptionally executed narratives through varying media models. From childhood she always loved film and wanted to be a screenwriter and during her freshman year in college, she came to Hollywood to do just that. Now, after having worked nearly 30 years on the corporate side of the business, she has finally transitioned to producing and executive producing micro-budget films with her lifelong friend, Markus Redmond, who she met back in 1989 when he was starring on Doogie Howser, M.D.

Vernita is a writer by trade and education and she holds three writing degrees; a A.B.A. from Occidental College in English Literature, a Masters of Creative Writing from Dartmouth College, and a PhD in English and Historical Studies from the University of Bristol. The irony is that she has dyslexia and is possibly the world’s worst speller. She realized long ago that the higher power has a great sense-of-humor and never took it personally.

Vernita’s behind-the-scenes experience in Hollywood lays the foundation for many of her novels and screenplays, which she sometimes writes under the trademarked pseudonym, “Quarkscrew Jones™”.  As of 2016, Quarkscrew Jones has published several online articles and is finishing two screenplays. Her first novel, So Completely Ugly, was the basis of her thesis at Dartmouth and is on-sale on Amazon. She is currently completing her second novel, Sugar Coated, A Novel, which was the basis of her thesis at the University of Bristol. She also created the social media website, MyEatingBuddies.com as a means of assisting like-minded food lovers to find dining companions worldwide.

White Rabbit Entertainment, LLC

Production Company

White Rabbit Entertainment, LLC is a California-based media and entertainment company using the art of magic and the magic of film. Its principal partners are Joshua Lantiegne and Markus Redmond and their joint ventures with Quarkscrew Entertainment, LLC include the upcoming feature films This is Now (2016), The 6th Degree (2016), Wine & Whimsy (2017) and Flower Child (2017).

Markus Redmond


Markus Redmond is an American actor best known for his role as Raymond Alexander, in the comedy-drama series Doogie Howser, M.D., co-created by Steven Bochco. Markus joined the cast at the start of the show’s second season in 1990 until the series ended in 1993. He worked with Bochco again on two other series, in recurring roles as P.O. Lucas on NYPD Blue and as Mark Washington in Murder One. In 1999, Redmond was a series regular on the sitcom Family Rules, and his other television credits include 21 Jump Street, Family Matters, the 1995 revival series Get Smart; Mad About You, Vengeance Unlimited, Angel, The Drew Carey Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He also appeared in the films The Inkwell (1994) and Fight Club (1999).

Markus sold his first feature film screenplay when Columbia Pictures preemptively bought his script, the romantic thriller “I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”. After the studio bought a subsequent screenplay, “THE AFTER KILLER”, Markus decided to combine the success he found in writing with acting and wrote the independent film If I Had Known I was a Genius, which had its premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. He played the lead role in the film alongside Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg and Academy Award nominee Sharon Stone, both of whom signed onto the film on the basis of Markus’ script alone.

Since 2007, Markus has been writing and directing small shorts such as Pacific Standard (2015), as well as writing novels such as Poker Night. In 2015, he became a principal at White Rabbit Entertainment, LLC to fund a series of independent features that he has written, directed and acted in. His most recent collaboration was an interview series for FilmCourage.com and the FilmCourage Youtube channel, which features video interviews, audio podcasts and articles about filmmaking, screenwriting, acting and more.  These video interviews have been shown on No Film School, Filmmaker IQ, Filmmaker Magazine, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, The Wrap, Entertainment Weekly, CNN India, Vulture, Dread Central, MSN Movies, Sport Balla, Vlad TV, Indiewire and more. Markus’s entire interview series can be seen here: Markus Redmond Film Courage YouTube.

Brooks Kephart


Brooks Kephart is a freelance film and television Producer and  1st Assistant Director whose clients have included Roger Corman, Walter Koenig, Tom Arnold, Markus Redmond and Sean Brosnan. His early production credits include television series such as CSI: Miami and in 2008 he branched into feature films. Now, over 40 features later, he is completing The 6th Degree, Smoke Filled Lungs, Labyrinth, This is Now, and My Father Die (with Sean Brosnan). All are scheduled for release in 2016 and he is currently prepping the upcoming romantic comedy, Flower Child.

Marie Gregorio-Oviedo

Film Set Photographer

Marie Gregorio-Oviedo is a film set and wedding and portrait photographer who is highly specialized in candid and lifestyle photography. Her passion for “stopping time” stems from photographing her “demon child”, 17 year old daughter, Morgan. With her camera bag permanently attached to her right hip and her trigger finger always itching, Marie says, “the photo I take isn’t yours, nor is it mine; it is for your future descendants, who will look at the portrait and remark, “Damn, Grandma and Grandpa, you were hot back then!” In 2013 Marie began photographing film shoots for independent directors. Since then she has become highly in demand and is currently the exclusive set photographer for White Rabbit Entertainment, LLC. Her clients call her pictures “relationship shots” – and her specialty with black and white images of The 6th Degree, This is Now and Wine and Whimsy prove it is completely true.

Steve Siebold


After completing a rigorous film production course, earning himself the programs most prestigious award, Steve dove head first in to the world of film and video production. Since 2007 he has produced countless independent media projects for A-list companies, including several works for NBCUniversal and promotions featuring Katy Perry, Kobe Bryant, Idris Elba, Bruce Willis and many others. In 2015, Steve began the post-production process on The 6th Degree as the film’s exclusive editor. He also directed, filmed & edited In For A Penny: The Making of the 6th Degree, the official behind-the-scenes short for Markus Redmond’s upcoming feature. Steve’s passion for the inner workings of the film industry allows him to wear many hats and makes him an invaluable asset. His full portfolio can be seen at www.sieboldpictures.com.