Solemn’s Swear (2019)

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Quarkscrew Entertainment, LLC presents


Where every move you make is history…


Solemn’s Swear is a character-driven thriller about a self-centered white surgeon who accidentally witnesses a mob hit, and to elude the drug cartel and corrupt cops that are pursuing him, he seeks protection with the descendants of a Southern Black family his abolitionist ancestors freed from slavery.


On a cold night in 1859, a runaway slave named SOLEMN MANSFIELD seeks the assistance of a white abolitionist, REVEREND JOHN ADAMS, to enter the Underground Railroad. Over the course of a harrowing few hours, they barely escape bounty hunters and deliver Adam’s first born son. As the two men part ways, Solemn acknowledges the risks Dr. Adams and his wife took to save his life and he swears that one day, his free-born sons will repay the debt.

Flash forward 150 years, and ‘Solemn’s Swear’ is the last thing on DR. PERCY ADAMS’ mind. It’s 2016 and when he awakens on a hospital gurney in Philadelphia after a drug-fused binge, all he wants is a burger and a few more pills. As the last known descendant of Reverend Adams, Percy ignores an invitation to the Mansfield Family’s Juneteenth Reunion that Solemn’s descendants host each year. Percy’s an up-and-coming surgeon in a prestigious hospital, after all; he’s got better drugs, poker and women to do.

That is, until the night he shows up to the private party to sell hospital-grade cocaine and things go horribly wrong. Now, instead of being just a rock star surgeon, Percy’s also the sole witness to a mob hit. Fleeing the wrath of drug lord, DIAMOND LIFE, and framed for murder by corrupt police detective, OONA POLNECHECKI, Percy has nowhere else to turn but to the very people who have no choice but to help him.

When he arrives at the Mansfield reunion, family elder, DIANA, readily insists that her three sons – ABRAHAM (ABE), a police officer, JACOB (JT), a disabled veteran, and EHUD (LITTLE E), a small-time drug dealer – hide Percy to repay Solemn’s debt. But the sons loudly protest, saying the risk will cost them all their lives. As the generations argue their duty to Solemn, Diana struggles to teach her young granddaughter, THECLA, that sometimes family honor and keeping one’s word is worth more than life itself.

But is Diana right? Is this ancient promise of a desperate man worth a modern family’s safety and grief? And will any of them live to tell the tale of Percy redeeming Solemn’s Swear once Diamond’s thugs and Oona’s cops reign down on them?

What would Solemn really have them do?

…What would YOU do?

This film is in the dramatic style of Roots, the Miniseries (1977), the thrill of Witness (1985), and the contemporary suspense of Prey (BBC miniseries, 2015).

Story and original script are based on an idea by Producer Vernita Irvin and a WGA-registered treatment is available while the script is in development.

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Copyright © 2016 Vernita Irvin