A terrible event forced JILL MITCHELL to flee her small hometown for the big city, but eventually, mixing with the wrong crowd drove her into the world of adult entertainment. Now she’s found the courage to leave and she is returning home to make amends with the family members she left behind: her religious mother, JULIA, and her little sister, REBECCA.

But there is no warm welcome waiting for Jill… Not only does Julia want nothing to do with her, but she warns her to stay away from Rebecca. Before long, word of Jill’s past gets out and the town backs Julia. When members of the community church launch a full scale effort to get Jill to leave, she is is forced to confront them and reveal the secret reason she left in the first place.

It is this horrible secret that will change both her family and the town forever.

Written 6and Directed by Markus Redmond

Cast: TBD





Produced by

Nicole Cozzola executive producer
Vernita Irvin producer
James Lantiegne producer
Joshua J. Lantiegne executive producer
Markus Redmond producer