Sexy fashion designer CARLA PORTER (TBD) and disillusioned screenwriter  NOLAN JOHNSON (Markus Redmond) both use their experience to charm their way through the younger, hotter dating pool of sultry Venice Beach…until an unlikely blind date forces them to reevaluate their pursuit of love.

When both are urged to go on a blind date by their mutual friends, married couple DENNIS and JENNFER WHITAKER, who desperately want Carla and Nolan to embrace true adulthood, it terrifies Carla and Nathan equally when the date goes perfectly.

A romantic homage to Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” with a uniquely modern twist, PACIFIC STANDARD is a new kind of romance for the hipster generation and beyond — messy, glorious, frightening and wonderful.

Written 6and Directed by Markus Redmond

Cast: TBD