The 6th Degree


Local supermarket cashier, JORDAN HARGROVE (Amanda Kaschak), is instantly shocked when AJ SUNDER (Markus Redmond, Doogie Howser, Fight Club), a well-known TV star, buys a bottle of whiskey and tells her that he will down the bottle and then kill himself. Jordan and her best friend, LORI SAMPSON (Jessica Morris, One Life to Live, Role Models), track AJ down at his home to stop him.

On the way, they run into SAM RANDALL (James Thomas Gilbert), a neighbor of AJ’s who seems hell-bent on keeping Jordan and Lori away from AJ. When the girls prove to be unstoppable, Sam joins them in confronting AJ. Soon, Jordan and Lori discover an enormous amount of bad blood between the two men, most of which seems to come from their conflicting accounts of Sam’s “friendship” with AJ’s recently estranged wife, DREA SUNDER (Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Usta, Dubaktan kalbe, Merhaba), and the mystery behind the disappearance of KEVIN REYNOLDS (Jeffrey Johnson), a man who is connected to all of the players. As A.J. confides in his best friend, Mack (Mackenzie Astin, Facts of Life, In Love and War), he soon realizes it all ties lead back to a bloody confrontation over Kevin, Drea’s ex and the father of her child and AJ’s nemesis for her affection…

Written 6and Directed by Markus Redmond

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7 Amanda Kaschak
markus Markus Redmond
5 Fadik Sevin Atasoy
4 Jessica Morris
3 James Thomas Gilbert
2 Jeffrey Johnson
M.Astin Mackenzie Astin
benedict Benedict Mazurek
Jim James Lantiegne
Manager Jim
11 Candace Smith

Produced by

Nicole Cozzola assistant producer
Vernita Irvin producer
Brooks Kephart producer
James Lantiegne producer
Joshua J. Lantiegne executive producer
Markus Redmond producer

Principal Crew

Steve Moses director of cinematography
Steve Seibold editor
Jacob Nerstheimer sound editor
Ron Trost special effects supervisor
Cole S. Mckay stunt coordinator
 Steve Seibold  behind the scenes videographer and editor

 Camera and Electrical Department

Andrew Baik assistant camera / first assistant camera
Henrik Christoffersson assistant camera
Marie Gregorio-Oviedo still photographer
Andrea Sachs gaffer