When Neal Boden awakens on the floor of a bookstore bathroom, a needle in his arm, his pants around his ankles and unable to speak or move, he figures it might finally be time to start making better choice.

As one of the world’s most popular pulp fiction writers, he’s set to give a reading of the latest series of his Simon Leach novels in 10 minutes and over three hundred people are waiting on him. Boden recognizes that this isn’t the first thread to unravel in his otherwise perfect life: he’d been spiraling out of control for years with a serious drug problem, a slow death by Hepatitis B, and now his ex-girlfriend, Sierra Moore, has been missing for six months.

His friends aren’t helping the situation, either, as he senses that his best friend, Trevor Gauer, the ultra-sexy, knife-wielding drug dealer nicknamed “The Butcher” has been keeping a deadly secret; while his other friend, Professor Omsey Trueblood, a Welsh-born, a brilliant academic who can’t seem to stop his public embrace of sexual BDSM and obscenity, might be involved in a crime.

When Neal’s sister, Marm, a former beauty queen, is charged with the attempted murder of her husband, he must return to his millionaire family and face demons so horrid they make his friends look like saints.

So Completely Ugly is a brutally funny, escapist fantasy exploring of the grit and seedy underpinnings of the Hollywood underworld. As we watch these rich and talented junkies, murderers and sexual predators surf the murky waters of fame, drugs and death, we see their lives being exhaustively dissected and deliciously annihilated in this rapturous tale of jealousy, murder and greed.